”The nostalgia of things unknown, of lands forgotten or unfound, is upon me at times. Often I long for the gleam of yellow suns upon terraces of translucent azure marble, mocking the windless waters of lakes unfathomably calm; for lost, legendary palaces of serpentine, silver and ebony, whose columns are green stalactites; for the pillars of fallen temples, standing in the vast purpureal sunset of a land of lost and marvelous romance. I sigh for (...) the strange and hidden cities of the desert, with burning brazen domes and slender pinnacles of gold and copper, that pierce a heaven of heated lazuli.” -Clark Ashton Smith

The Shadow Kingdoms is a sword-and-sorcery themed campaign inspired by the writings of Robert E Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, and HP Lovecraft. Gaming influences include Xoth Publishing’s “The Spider God’s Bride” supplement, portions of the Mystara campaign setting, and some old Judge’s Guild supplements.

The Shadow Kingdoms